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We work?

EMEA Business Services


We are one of the four Diebold Nixdorf Administration Centers in the world. We support our branches located across 21 different countries in Europe, America and Africa. We employ more than 170 highly qualified staff, bursting with enthusiasm, who deliver services to partners from practically the whole world and in 17 languages.

We work in small teams, each comprising a few individuals, usually in charge of a given country or region. We also establish expert teams and project groups. The former supervise a given process across all the entities we service, and the latter engage in given undertakings. 

The tasks entrusted to our employees match their expectations and predispositions. We do our best to ensure they are interesting and as broad as possible. Those looking to develop within our structures can explore career paths leading to expert and manager positions.

We ensure that appropriate training and tools are available. We are a well-oiled, international team, with ample opportunities to polish language skills and to discover different cultures, lifestyles and beliefs.