and how

We work?

Global Center


We develop software for customers from all over the world. Our systems are in use in every European country. We already employ more than 300 specialists, but we are constantly expanding and on the lookout for more.

We work in teams comprising a dozen or so members and use agile methods. Each one of us makes a tangible input into the shape of the project and type of performed tasks. We are engaged in rolling-out and developing security technologies and payment system applications. We implement products tailored to the particular needs of given customers in large retail chains.

We develop innovative solutions, such as “Finger Vein” biometric transaction authentication. We are responsible for entire processes: from designing the data model and business logic, through establishing a graphical interface all the way to developing and testing software. We are continually improving our products in terms of new functions, better performance, simplicity and user friendliness.

A well-oiled team together with a friendly atmosphere mean that we enjoy working together.